It’s the classical round pizza with a very thing and cruncy dough.

Our pizza dough is made with soft wheat flour, water, brewer’s yeast, oil (to obtain a more crunchy pizza) and salt.

Layd entirely by hand, the edge is low and very crumbly. We cook it for a long time so that it dries and becomes very crunchy.

30 PZ


1 PZ

30×30 / 250 gr



Full of precious and delicious ingredients that add particular value to the basic idea of the classic round pizza. An important quality of gourmet pizza is the high nutritional value of its dough.

The secret lies in the quality of the flours mixed and used to make the pizza base and in the art of its long leavening which gives us a final result of lightness, digestibility and lots of flavour!


The Pizzanino is the reinterpretation of the “pagnottella”, the snack that your grandmother used to prepare for you before going out or that the neighborhood food shops prepared at the meat counter.

The Pizzanino is a meeting between the friability of the baker’s pizza and the softness of the sandwich of the past, an explosion of flavour.



It is the smallest size of the classic pan pizza, made to facilitate the sale by the slice.

The Quadrotta is designed to be kept on display and possibly heated.

We have therefore made a very watery dough which, despite this, does not dry out but gives maximum taste.


Focaccia is something excellent to be filled with cured meats and cheeses but also to be enjoyed naturally seasoned only with oil and rosemary.

The dough is made with type 1 flour, oil, salt and a biga (a pre-dough made the day before) which makes this product an explosion of flavour, not to mention the scent.



Made with a long leavening, the product is crunchy but equally soft in the heart to make Pinsa a versatile product both to be seasoned and eaten only with oil to accompany cheeses and salami.